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Keto, Fasting or Paleo: Keep it Sweet and Get Fit - Without All the Carbs

Keto, Fasting or Paleo: Keep it Sweet and Get Fit - Without All the Carbs

By Keto Science, Posted in Keto Living
December 15, 2022

Are you just tired of being tired all the time? You’ve got to start burning fat. But, there’s one pesky little problem in the way. Carbs!

You’ve already punched in your time at the gym this week, jogged until your thighs were on fire, and avoided as many carbs as possible. After all that hard work, you’re going head-to-head with sugar cravings. It’s just not fair.

You deserve a real home-team advantage against hunger, and you’ll make it to the finish line a lot easier with Keto Science. Get ready for your victory dance with the Keto Science Starter Kit.

The Meal Shake

Have a Meal Shake with Breakfast to Avoid Feeling Hungry

A love for ice cream and the ketogenic diet just don’t mix. That’s why we want to help you shake things up a bit and kick the cravings. Enjoy all the creamy deliciousness of a milkshake, without all the sugary side-effects. Save some room for dessert (keto-friendly, that is)!

Just add water (or your favorite almond milk) and control your appetite on the go. It’s packed full of protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats to give you a boost.  Your favorite Meal Shake is made with pure coconut oil, grass-fed butter, avocado oil, and MCTs. Designed to put you in the driver’s seat, so you don’t have to face hunger alone.

  • Available in creamy vanilla and rich chocolate flavors
  • 8 grams of protein and 20 grams of healthy fats
  • Including over two dozen vitamins and minerals
  • Smooth and refreshing, with no artificial aftertaste


Boost Ketone Levels in Your Favorite Drinks

Have you ever tried keto, and just felt worn out all day? MCTs are the answer to getting enough healthy fatty acids into your daily routine. They stimulate your metabolism and help sustain your energy levels, while supporting increased fat burning. Just add a serving to your favorite beverage.

Hot or cold, your MCT oil blend will mix easily and go down smooth. No gluten, dairy, lactose, or added sugars. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are special fatty acids found in coconut oil that the human body doesn’t store the same way as other saturated fats. They’re quickly broken down into ketones that help promote mental clarity and a boost of energy, right away. Reducing your appetite is as easy as stirring a serving into your favorite drink. Don’t worry, there’s no added flavor.

  • 100% sourced from coconuts
  • Promotes healthy weight loss and reduced appetite
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, and sugar-free
  • Including important C8 and C10 fatty acids

Ketones Powder

Beat The Heat and Quench Your Thirst

Enjoy your lunch with a crisp, clean, cold lemonade. It’s not too tart, and it’s not overly sweet - it’s just right and gives off a relaxing citrus aroma. This is the perfect soda and tea alternative for anyone on a low carb diet. It doesn’t just taste amazing, Ketones Powder helps you transition into ketosis more smoothly with patented GoBHB™, a ketone body that fuels your body without having to eat carbs.

There aren’t many keto supplements that feature healthy potassium levels to prevent cramping and keep you hydrated throughout the day like this. Put some extra lemon kick into your routine and stay on track with your weight loss goals. You’ll keep using it, even after you reach your fitness goals. It’s that good.

  • Shown to increase metabolism
  • Promotes energy
  • Formula features patented and proven GoBHB™ Ketones
  • Sugar-free lemon-flavored drink mix

Keto Burn Capsules

Stay Alert and Maintain Your Performance

Take all the hassle out of your carb struggle with these super convenient capsules. Keep your diet on track and stay focused at the gym. Curve the effects of low glucose levels. It’s a no-brainer!

The 100 milligrams of caffeine make all the difference when you’re feeling sluggish after a long day. It’s just like having a sip of espresso, but without the wait. Each capsule contains natural ketones that help reduce hunger, promote fat burning, and even enhance cognitive health. For immediate results, take all 4 daily capsules before a workout or between meals on an empty stomach. Feel the huge difference for yourself!

  • Shown to increase metabolism
  • Supports mental clarity and focus
  • Highlighted with patented and proven GoBHB™ Ketones
  • Promotes appetite control

Support Your Daily Keto Regimen!

Quick and Easy Solution

We’re so confident that you’ll absolutely love your Keto Science Starter Kit, that we’ll take $15.97 off the retail price PLUS throw in free shipping. Our team really wants to see you succeed in your weight loss and fitness journey.

A better diet experience is just around the corner, and you don’t have to give up all the sweets that you love. But, you are about to make one of the toughest choices of your life...chocolate or vanilla? (or both!)