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Customer Testimonials

Keto Meal Shake

Keto Meal Shake

"This product really does what it says, and has a great taste. It really helps with your hunger control and gives you that full feeling that you need in order to not overeat, plus it tastes great!"


“Perfect for traveling & staying on course!”


"Best vanilla flavored nutritional shake I've ever tried! It's satisfying and filling."

Steve D.

"Wow! This Meal Shake is great. It tastes like a milkshake but without all the calories, carbs, and sugar. Incredible!"

Debra N.

"It has a nice vanilla scent and flavor, with no after taste. It mixes easily with water and provides 8 grams of protein."

Peter R.

"This is a delicious way to sip to slimness. I can't believe just one serving provides 8 grams of protein, with no carbs and no added sugar!"

Carmen S.
Keto Meal Shake

Keto Meal Shake

“Keto Science supplements safely support ketosis and with its scientifically backed formula, it’s no surprise that users are able to lose weight and experience stamina boost. It also has a great taste, making it even more user friendly. The Total Shape team recommends it to anyone if you’re serious with achieving ketosis in a healthy and tasty way.”

Isaac Robertson, Co-Founder and Editor,

“Just ordered my 3rd container and I’m down 14lbs with ease. I only do one shake around 10am with unsweetened almond milk. It takes the brain work out of what’s for breakfast. Love this stuff. Will be purchasing this stuff for life!"

Christa N.

"This is my second container. It tastes so good that I may never give it up, even when I reach my goal. I mix this with almond or coconut milk and it is like eating a dessert! I work the graveyard shift and the energy this gives me is outstanding. I highly recommend it!"


“I’ve been using this for a couple months now as part of my weight loss program. I'm down 19 pounds in 3 months and I don't feel hungry in the morning when I have this for breakfast.”


“I love this keto milkshake! It works well with almond milk and my bottle blender. I’m a healthcare worker, so my days are very long. It’s great to have something truly on the go that makes me feel full until lunchtime. It tastes great, like a true chocolate milkshake flavor... not like protein “chocolate” taste at all. Definitely recommend it especially for the price.”

Julia P.

"This convenient Meal Shake can be modified to the desired taste. Some days I want a rich chocolately flavor and other days I prefer mild."

Jason M.

"I really enjoy drinking Keto Science Meal Shake! The 8 grams of healthy saturated fat help me to get into a state of ketosis."

Heather V.

"It satisfied my appetite and has a great chocolate taste. I would definitely recommend it."

Angela D.

"The chocolate Meal Shake provides energy and helps keep me in line with my Paleo diet. A perfect drink to keep me satisfied and going strong."

Laura J.
Keto Plant-Based Meal Shake

Keto Plant-Based Meal Shake

Delicious and creamy shake keeps me going without snacking.

Beverly R.
Keto MCT Oil

Keto MCT Oil

“I love this product! I can see a difference in my weight & health. This product is a must! I add it to my morning shake and it has made a difference. I will continue to add this to my daily regimen.”

Anika S.

"I love clear and clean products. This MCT Oil is packed with essential fats and is simple to use."

Tricia R.

"I like that this MCT oil is colorless and is smooth tasting, without any flavor."

Bob R.

"Keto Science MCT Oil is my 'go to' item each day and it blends well in my hot or cold drinks."

Dina P.

"Keto Science helps increase my healthy fats, so my body can more readily transition into ketosis."

Richard K.
Keto Burn Capsules

Keto Burn Capsules

"Keto Burn is a simple method to reduce cravings and boost metabolism."

Marcy L.

"I like how the patented ingredients help support my keto diet and a touch of caffeine provides a boost of energy."

Robert C.
Keto Burn BHB Gummies

Keto Burn BHB Gummies

"Nice tasting gummy and great alternative to pills!"

Beverly C.

"Helps keep me going and on track with my keto lifestyle."

Josh P.
Keto Sugar Relief Capsules

Keto Sugar Relief Capsules

"Helps me stay focused with my keto diet"


"Another addition to support my keto lifestyle"

Keto Carb Cheater Capsules

Keto Carb Cheater Capsules

"Great asset for my keto meal plan"


"My friend recommended and I'm adding this to my keto routine"