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Coconut Lime Chicken

Coconut Lime Chicken


Servings: 4

4 Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast

¼ Teaspoon Sea Salt

¼ Teaspoon Black Pepper

2 Tablespoons Keto Science Keto MCT Oil

½ Cup Yellow Onion, Chopped

1 Red Chili Pepper Chopped

1 Cup Chicken Stock

½ Cup Coconut Milk

2 Tablespoons of Lime Juice

½ Teaspoon Red Chili Flakes

1 Tablespoon of Cilantro Chopped

1 Tablespoon of Corn Starch (Optional to mix with one tablespoon water)

Pinch Turmeric Powder (Optional)

¼ Cup Walnuts (Optional)


To prep the chicken, simply place the breasts between two pieces of plastic wrap and pound them down to make them even in thickness. This will help the chicken so that is cooks evenly. Once flattened just sprinkle each side of the chicken with salt and pepper. Add some Keto Science Keto MCT Oil to the skillet, then add the chicken and cook the chicken on each side for about 5-7 minutes. Then remove the chicken from the pan and set aside while you make the sauce.

Wipe down skillet with paper towel to remove black bits. Add 1 tablespoon of Keto Science Keto MCT Oil to pan along with chopped onions, sauté for a few minutes to soften.  Add chili pepper, sauté a couple of minutes. Add chicken stock, coconut milk, lime juice, chili flakes or cilantro. Bring mixture to a boil and then reduce heat to a simmer again for another 5 minutes.  Add starch and water if you’re using it. You may raise the heat slightly higher to bring to a boil to activate starch. Once the sauce thickens reduce it back down to simmer. Add chicken back to skillet, cover and let cook for 5 to 10 minutes or until the chicken is fully cooked.  Sprinkle a pinch of turmeric powder and ¼ cup of chopped walnuts on top, if desired.